Real virtual club of sport, art, entertainment, entrepreneurship and innovation for creative surfing, networking and hosting:
24 Hours; 145,000 m2 and up to 6000 people per unit.

A-Beach: 1 artificial beach with sand, palm trees,with areas for surfing, body-boarding, body-surfing and swimming (10,000m2).

B-Ocean: 1 artificial ocean with differentiated waves and 4 areas divided by flexible translucent reefs (10,000 m2).

C-Horizon: 1 artificial horizon with wave equipment, panel with open sea and sky visually integrated with real sky.

D-Island: 1 artificial island with palm trees in the section of the ocean for swimming (10 m2).

E-Reef: 5 plastic translucent flexible cushioned reefs to help wave formation in the 4 segments of the ocean.

F-Mountain: 2 artificial side mountains with water reservoir, heating, filtration, vegetation, rocks and paths (1,000 m2).

G-Lake: 1 large elevated artificial lake at the side the ocean and in front of left mountain (500 m2).

H-Stream: 1 circular water connection with bridge, behind and parallel the beach, between waterfall, lake, ocean and cataract.

I-Waterfall: 1 water free fall, on the left side mountain, in the lake, from the water reservoir on top of the mountain.

J-Cascade: 1 stair drop of water, from the stream in the ocean, in front of right side mountain.

L-Courts: 2 of volley, 2 of soccer, 2 of tennis and 2 of basketball (5,000 m2).

M-Cinema: 4 tents with 60 inch or more high-definition digital screens and 1 digital production studio (500 m2).

N-Music: 1 stage for live music, 1 digital production studio and 1 environment sound system (500 m2).

O-School: surfing, sports, cinema and music school in chalet campus.

P-Mall: 400 chalet-shops and 400 chalet-offices of 12.5 m2 (20,000 m2).

Q-Inn: 400 chalet-hotels and 1000 chalet-residences of 12.5 m2 (35,000 m2).

R-Campus: 400 chalet-workshops and 400 chalet-incubators of 12.5 m2 (20,000 m2).

S-Parking/Aeropad: 1 parking for 3000 cars, buses and aircraft (30,000m2).

T-Bus/Aeroship: panoramic bus/aircraft route for 3000 passengers to local main centers and tourist attractions.

U-Energy: self-sufficient bio-hydro-solar-wind energy and sanitation (2,000 m2).

V-Aquarium: aquarium in the front entrance with marine exotic animals such as sharks, stingrays, turtles and fish (200m2).

X-Garden: Tall perimeter garden with hidden fence and low garden in access paths, with bike and pedestrian paths.

Z-Geyser: 2 colored geysers with jet of water coming out of rocks on both sides of front entrance (300 m2).
Brown and green chalets
surrounded by pine trees
Yellow and blue chalets
surrounded by palm trees
Winter Beach-Ocean Dome
and Lane-Reefs with wave machine movement vertical and perpendicular to beach
Modular Mobile Infrastructure on Land Pool, Ocean or Lake